Preserve the Resources

There are certain areas of community heritage activity that involve real, physical objects and materials – artifacts, old newspapers, archival documents, buildings.

Groups interested in this aspect of heritage work—often called resource conservation—should know that there are already sophisticated institutional groups attending to some of these resources, and these organizations should be consulted for information and guidance:

Association of Manitoba Museums (AMM) at
The Association of Manitoba Museums will be able to assist groups interested in pioneer artifacts.
Manitoba Archaeological Society (MAS) at
For archaeological artifacts it is advised that communities and groups contact the Manitoba Archaeological Society.
Association for Manitoba Archives (AMA) at
The Association for Manitoba Archives can assist groups interested in conserving and making available for research old newspapers, archival documents, and other paper resources.

And of course if there is already an established museum in the community, members of that facility should naturally be consulted.

There is no similar umbrella group with a focus on historic buildings in small urban or rural communities in Manitoba. And so this section of the website has been developed to provide groups and communities interested in this important aspect of heritage conservation with some background information and guidance. We are grateful to the Historic Resources Branch of Manitoba Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection for allowing Heritage Manitoba to present some of their materials here.