There are many resources available on-line that can assist with planning. The following entries focus on the Manitoba context for small urban and rural communities.

Link to download Heritage Matters Benchmarks Worksheet (0.5 MB PDF, 6 pages, developed by the Historic Resources Branch (HRB) of Manitoba Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection.Used with permission of the HRB. English.) Download A worksheet of best practices for heritage management to help organizations and communities understand their strengths, identify weaknesses, and develop useful partnerships. Though designed for community-wide organizations, it can also provide useful ideas for groups working on specific projects.
Link to download Gimli Heritage Management Plan (0.6 MB PDF,28 pages, developed by the Gimli Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee. Used with permission of the Committee. English) Download The Gimli Heritage Management Plan is an excellent example of the type of detailed planning document that ensures a community has the direction and resources to undertake focused heritage work over a specific time frame.