The kinds of heritage work that have been identified throughout this website often rely on funding support to ensure excellence of results.

Funding support can come in the form of grants from governments and other agencies, and also through local foundations. Information on some key grants and an introduction to local foundations are noted below.

Grant Programs

There are several funding programs that communities and groups should explore for the kind of financial assistance that is often required in contemporary heritage project development.

  • Heritage Grants Program
    • The Province of Manitoba's Heritage Grant Program is administered through the Historic Resources Branch. The program offers a wide range of funding opportunities to small urban and rural communities and groups, focused on activities like planning, research, promotion, education, exhibits, archives and special initiatives. Find out more at
  • Thomas Sill Foundation
    • The Thomas Sill Foundation, established in 1987, has been a standard supporter of small urban/rural community heritage activity. Learn more at
  • Canadian Heritage
    • The Canadian Government's Department of Canadian Heritage has a variety of grant programs that can support small urban/rural community heritage activity. The most common source for funding is the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program. Learn more at

Local Foundations

Many communities have developed local foundations that assist in community-specific projects, occasionally with a heritage component. Sometimes foundations provide complete funding for projects and often with financial assistance that can be applied to 50-50 matching programs like the Heritage Grants Program. There are 47 community foundations.