Your one-stop source for information, resources & advice on the development of a strong, effective & sustainable community heritage venture.

Heritage Manitoba has three primary goals:

  • to provide small urban and rural communities, groups and institutions with the conceptual tools, guides and sample products to ensure that local heritage activities, projects and products attain high standards
  • to serve as a clearing house, via its website, to connect and inform small urban and rural communities, groups and institutions about current activities
  • to develop information and data about common municipal heritage issues that can be used by municipal governments and their representatives to ensure that small urban and rural community heritage remains vibrant and sustainable

Heritage Manitoba is an informal coalition of municipal heritage advisory committees and small urban and rural communities dedicated to helping anyone in Manitoba seeking guidance on developing a heritage project or initiative.

This website contains the wealth of information required by any Manitoba community looking to capitalize on its irreplaceable resources and fascinating stories to create a meaningful local heritage presence.

The development of a full range of quality heritage destinations and products has been shown to help forge a community’s distinct identity, encourage citizen involvement in heritage activities, bring in tourists with an appreciation for the authentic, and ensure that resources and stories are preserved for future generations.

This website allows municipal officials, advisory councils, heritage professionals and interested individuals to find the kind of information they need for any number of activities and projects, from an ongoing and complex program of heritage work, to any number of discrete research or promotional initiatives. And as much as possible, this information has been developed in easy-to-read articles and commentaries, and where applicable in helpful how-to guides.

Let the journey, and the work, begin.

Manitoba Brick

Manitoba once boasted nearly 200 brick-making factories – many small, some enormous. Over the course of 130 years, from the early 1860s to 1990, these brickyards turned out the billions and billions of bricks that were used to put up the very walls of many of our province’s landmark buildings. Explore this important and fascinating history through a new study that examines the history of Manitoba’s brick making industry.> More about this project